29 June
​New evening show hosted by Regina Todorenko to start on Friday! channel

The women’s evening show Pyatnitsa s Reginoi (Friday with Regina) will premiere on June 29 on Friday! TV channel. The host of the show is Regina Todorenko, who is well-known to the viewers of the channel from the travel show Oryol y Reshka (Heads or Tails), Golos Ulits (Voice of the Streets), Makeupery (Makeup Artists), and other projects.

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25 June
​Friday! TV channel project makes it into the Top 3 of the international contest Pitch & Play live

The project Bliznetsy (Twins) of Friday! TV channel is among the Top 3 best original television formats at the international contest Pitch & Play live.

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22 June
Match TV set a record for average viewership in the first week of the 2018 World Cup

On June 16, Match TV set an absolute record for the average share of television viewing among its target audience of men aged 14 to 59. It was the biggest number since the channel was launched - 13.9% over the whole day, according to Mediascope data.

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21 June
Gogol wins at the Biografilm Festival 2018 in Italy

​The Russian film series Gogol, made by TV-3 channel and Aleksandr Tsekalo’s Sreda producer center, conquered the audience of the Biografilm festival in Bologna and won the audience prize in the nomination Biografilm Series 2018, leaving behind popular series from USA, Great Britain, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Belgium and other countries.

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08 June
​Gogol. Nachalo wins awards at the Serebryany Mercury festival

The prestigious awards of the Serebryany Mercury festival went to the projects #YaPomeshchik (I am a landlord), Gogol. Ostanovki (Gogol. Bus Stops) and Gogol Web-Series, launched as part of the promotional campaign for the film Gogol. Nachalo (Gogol. The Beginning), which is produced by TV-3 and the company Sreda.

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