KIT Film Studio starts shooting television series for NTV
14 March 2017

In March, the KIT Film Studio started shooting the television series Chetvyortaya Smena (The Fourth Shift) for NTV channel.

The main role in the new project is played by Aleksey Chadov (Delo Chesti, The case of honour; Nochnoy Dozor, Night Watch; Devyataya Rota, 9th Squadron). The famous martial arts master Shi Yanbin, who is the official representative of the Songshan Mountain and Shaolin Monastery in Russia, is also taking part in the filming of the series.

In the plot, Danila Chetkov (Aleksey Chadov) works as an officer in the department for combating ethnic crime. He is aware of the events happening in “Chinese Moscow,” such as the sale of counterfeit products. One day, fate brings him face-to-face with a Chinese man, Yong (Shi Yanbin), who has come to Russia in search of his missing daughter. Plunging through the looking-glass of Moscow’s Chinese community, Danila helps Yong and gradually changes his own views on life. Having almost lost his son, Chetkov comes to understand that there is nothing more important than honesty and the support of a friend, which Yong has become to him.