The TV channel TV3 has redesigned its visual appearance
02 November 2015

TV-3, a part of a TV entertainment group of Gazprom media, announces restyling. In November TV-3 will be presented in a new quality and design.

The changes affected the logo TV-3; it became concise and designed in minimalist style. New cross-program air caption will appear in the broadcast, which reflects the essence of the new slogan Everything except ordinary. The new concept ‘Upside-down' underlined the design of the channel, which is intended to strengthen the association with the mystery and extraordinary reality.

Despite the changes, TV-3 will retain proprietary purple color in the visual design. At the same time green, magenta and blue will be added to color spectrum.

"TV-3 expands the territory of its brand and offers a new kind of entertainment - a date with a mystery. We gradually change the tone of the TV3 and the ratio of viewers to it, by means of new design. The slogan "All facets of reality" has been replaced by the slogan Everything except ordinary. World of renewed brand is a world of secrets, it opens things and phenomena from the most unusual and unexpected directions. Renewed TV-3 is the door where after one of the unsolved mystery there is already another one, it is the ability to look beyond the horizon, it is a foretaste which makes the heart beats faster"- commented the CEO of TV-3 Darya Fialko.

A key element of the new TV3 design is a line. According to Darya Fialko "a line is the boundary between the secret and obvious, ordinary and unusual. The thread joins together the occasionally opposing phenomena, reveals the hidden essence of things. "

Three points that will be present in the slogan and the air caption became the additional unique symbol of the channel.

"In 2008, when the channel for the first time outlined the territory of its brand, three points became the logo of the channel. A few years later, logo and positioning changed and the viewer remembered this bright visual image. This is a good solution because you cannot just forget it! And now the dots are another element of the renewed brand TV3. In fact, the three points is a symbol of understatement and intrigue, mystery, which is hidden behind the brackets. In addition, it is a kind of continuity. We expect that a punctuation mark, which once made so much noise, will make it again, but in a new role, as a part of a slogan and a sign of the channel, "- commented Darya Fialko.

According to her, the first product after the transformation of the brand will be a fantastic drama "The others", the plot of which is about the mysterious object, rapidly approaching the Earth. TV-3 remains faithful to its viewers and will continue to introduce the world of mystery to the audience.