Vladimir Putin congratulates Gazprom-Media staff on 20-year anniversary
21 January 2018

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin congratulated the staff of Gazprom-Media Holding on the company’s anniversary, according to a telegram posted on the official presidential website. The president remarked that the holding has undergone an important formative and developmental period in recent years and is now among the recognized leaders in the media field.

The president thanked Gazprom-Media Holding for its memorable, interesting and in-demand projects and congratulated the company with its 20-year anniversary.

A special mention was made by the president of the holding’s charity and social initiative projects.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation: “The workers of the company always set ambitious goals for themselves and later achieved them. They consistently demonstrated high professional standards in their work, the ability to overcome hardships. In large part due to your attentive and creative approach to work, Gazprom-Media Holding is among the recognized leaders of national mass media. It released multiple memorable, interesting projects that are in demand among a wide audience, across television, radio and printed press. And of course, separate recognition needs to be given for the tangible support that your company offers to charity and social initiative projects.”

The president also expressed his certainty that Gazprom-Media Holding will “continue to explore new areas for work, multiplying its creative potential,” and wished the company’s staff all the best.

The full text of the greeting is available on this website: http://kremlin.ru/events/president/letters/56677