​TNT speaks about promotion of entertainment content at the #GPMTrendy meeting
14 September 2018

Gazprom-Media, the leading diversified media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, held a wrap-up event for the #GPMTrendy (Gazprom-Media Trends) educational program. Ruben Oganesyan, deputy general manager for strategic marketing of TNT channel, spoke at the event.

Customers and partners of the Holding attended the presentation, as well as representatives of advertising agencies and employees of the Holding’s companies.

The master class was titled "Feel our love from the inside." Ruben Oganesyan presented case studies in TNT’s promotion and marketing of entertainment content and talked about how marketing creates a strong link between TNT viewers and the entertainment content of the channel. He also explained how teasers, projects in the digital environment and new formats help the channel to interact with the audience and penetrate into the consciousness of the viewers.

Ruben Oganesyan also spoke about the large-scale projects that the TV channel launched as part of VK Fest. Thanks to offline activities at large youth festivals, TNT increased its audience in social networks, which helped the channel to become a leader among all Russian TV channels in terms of the number of subscribers in social networks. The number of subscribers to the channel’s projects increased by almost 6 million people over the year, and currently totals almost 43 million people across all social networks.

TNT’s deputy general director for strategic marketing also told the event’s guests about the launch of Semyon Slepakov’s new comedy series Domashny Arest (House Arrest) on TNT-PREMIER’s OTT platform. The channel organized a live broadcast of the project’s presentation for its subscribers in social networks. As a result, in less than a day the presentation of the series got about 1.5 million views online, with users leaving more than 8,000 comments.

As part of the program, Ruben Oganesyan broke down the case study of the popular project Zamuzh za Buzovu (Marrying Buzova). In particular, he talked about the process of developing the visual design of the show, choosing the layout, compiling and editing creative ideas, filming the images, assembling sketches for a photoshoot, discussing and selecting the final layouts. As a result, the pilot episode of Zamuzh za Buzovu became the absolute leader for television viewership among the 14-44 audience.

Ruben Oganesyan also shared the TV channel’s experience in promoting the second season of the “tropical” comedy series Ostrov (The Island) in the midst of a Russian winter. A campaign in the 360-degree format was carried out under the general slogan, “Teplo blizko” (There is heat nearby).

Ruben Oganesyan made a particular emphasis on TNT’s redesign. This year the TV channel updated its logo and corporate identity, which has been the same for eight years. Together with TNT’s art director Giorgio Schwarz, Oganesyan described the new TNT corporate identity in detail and spoke about the first restyling, outlining the changes with specific examples. During the event, the channel’s marketing team described the main stages of creating TNT’s famous ID-clips that featured the channel’s top stars. For example, at the initial stage, the team came up with 3,000 scenarios, but after the selection process only 700 remained. During the five-day filming, the channel managed to shoot almost 10 hours of material or 700 different ID-clips.

Gazprom-Media Holding launched the educational program #GPMTrendy in honour of its 20th anniversary. During 2018, the Holding held discussions, master classes and creative workshops headlined by the managers of its TV channels and radio stations, creative producers and stars. Clients and partners of the Holding, representatives of advertising agencies and the media, as well as the Holding’s employees take part in the project’s events.

The first event of #GPMTrendy was devoted to the creation and promotion of series content on TV-3 (part of Gazprom-Media Holding). The second event focused on Match TV where the channel’s representatives spoke about the main trends in sports broadcasting. Event guests also got the opportunity to watch how sports commentators work during the 1/8 final match of the 2018 World Cup. At the third event, guests of #GPMTrendy watched the students of the NTV educational course make the final pitches for their projects.