​Legenda o Kolovrate will be released in IMAX 2D
16 November 2017

The epic blockbuster Legenda o Kolovrate (Legend of Kolovrat) will be specially formatted to be shown in theaters in IMAX®2D format. This is the sixth Russian film in IMAX over the history of IMAX Corporation’s work in Russia and the third in 2017.

The plot of the film is based on real events from the 13th century. In order to reformat the film for IMAX, 1,903 frames with graphics of varying degrees of complexity were processed. This will allow viewers to fully immerse themselves in the events of that time and feel the scale of the special effects.

According to the film’s chief director and producer Dzhanik Fayziev, the film was created as a response to the “demands of time.”

“Studies show that right now in Russia there is big interest to the historical past. And since we live in times that are not very simple, I think the viewer will be interested in the battle of the individual against the challenges of the day - when the elements are visibly stronger than the human, but you still have to fight with them. Having collected all these thoughts we decided that this is the kind of film that the viewer has to want to watch now,” explained Dzanik Fayziev, the film’s director and general director of KIT Film Studio.

“This is a very beautiful and memorable film. The amount of computer graphics that were created during its production were unprecedented for the Russian film industry. For us it was very important that our viewer has an opportunity to see this fascinating spectacle in IMAX format, a format that is able to reveal all the nuances of this painstaking work. I hope that this film will inspire many,” said Rafael Minasbekyan, one of the film’s producers and general manager of Gazprom-Media KIT.

The film is fully converted to the IMAX® format. The image and sound quality is adapted using IMAX DMR® technology (Digital Re-Mastering). A crystal clear image combined with a well-defined geometry of the IMAX rooms and powerful digital sound create a unique atmosphere that literally transports the viewers inside the action of the film.

The film Legenda o Kolovrate opens in all theaters, including in IMAX, on November 30.