TV-3 launches web series for zoomers, Click, with VK’s support
29 October 2020

The first episode of the web series, Click, came out on the TV-3 channel’s VK group on October 28. Click is filmed in a screenlife format and tells the story of a very unique online relationship between the student Yasha, blogger Liza and kidult Artur, whose chronically unhappy wife Sveta hovers behind the scenes.

When the main characters meet in the first episode, they start off by insulting and ridiculing one another, but soon all three of them realize how much they need each other. Together they need to solve situations that mean life-or-death for one of the characters, such as opening a package from the darknet, passing an exam, hiding from a spouse and solving other life dilemmas. Often, by solving one problem, the friends create another.

Click was produced following the inaugural web-series accelerator that TV-3 and 1-2-3 Production held in 2019. Andrey Smiyan came up with the idea and ultimately served as the series’ creative director. Maxim Kozhaev and Alexander Bazaleev, who previously took part in the popular KVN improv show, wrote the script. Ivan Zlobin (Olga, Sobibor, Fantom/Phantom), Egor Rybakov (Olga, Prizrak/Phantom) and Alyona Ponomareva played the lead roles.

Each episode of the web series will be no longer than 15 minutes. There are a total of 18 episodes planned. New series will appear on the TV-3 group on the VK social network every week.