​VGTRK, First Channel, Gazprom-media and the National Media Group will create an alliance for the sale of TV advertising
28 March 2016

Major Russian media holdings - VGTRK, First Channel, Gazprom-media and the National Media Group - have agreed to form a joint company which will implement their promotional opportunities.

The goal of the alliance is the appearance of a single trading platform, which will take into account the interests of the television industry and will ensure the balance of interests of advertisers and broadcasters in a crisis. On the basis of the new company it is planned to combine the sales of media holdings’ TV advertising.

The company will be established on parity basis: each partner will receive 25% of the shares of the created advertising Seller. Alliance plans to discuss with the company CTC Media the possibility of its joining the alliance after the completion of the restructuring of CTC Media.

The initiative to create an alliance for joint sales has been studied thoroughly in detail since 2014 and has developed at present time in the conditions of recession on the advertising market and rising costs of broadcasters.

It is planned that all corporate and juridical aspects of the alliance creation will be completed before the end of the second quarter of this year.