TNT audience danced on the "second screen"
11 May 2016

Moscow, Russia - Holding Gazprom-media has launched a new cross-media ad format, the efficiency of which doesn`t concede to the best world standards. With the help of the mobile app Shazam the viewers of the show "Dancing. Battle of the seasons "on TNT channel could see the exclusive content, which was not put on the air . The show was sponsored by Nescafe brand.

Several key instruments were used for the advertising campaign of the new Nescafe - Nescafe Crema taste: TNT, mobile-adapted content on the site and Shazam. Since the end of March in the popular show "Dancing. Battle of the seasons "on TNT the presenter Laysan Utiasheva has been informing viewers that during the next dance they can get access to a unique additional content from filming through the app Shazam. Then, during the dance the text "Push on Shazam icon now and get exclusive backstage of Nescafe Crema» appears on the screen.

Shazam app enables to define a program fragment and send the viewer into a specially prepared section of TNT site, which places exclusive text, photo and video materials, as well as branded content from the sponsor.

First results showed a high audience interest in the new format. After the premiere on the air on TNT channel show "Dancing. Battle of the seasons " at the end of March, the number of Shazam activations while watching the show has exceeded 100 thousand, which is comparable with the largest international advertising projects, in which a mobile application is involved. After the first five programs of "Dancing" the number of activations exceeded 310,000.

The project is realized by Gazprom-media, which is the seller of television advertising, TNT channel, media agency Zenith Optimedia and the creative agency Proplacement on the basis of Gazprom-media Digital exclusive advertising product and the company Brainient Rus, a representative of Shazam in Russia.

"For us, this is another confirmation of the Cantata effectiveness - the project, enabling to create advertising campaigns in the format of 360 degrees on the resources of Gazprom media, - said Deputy CEO for Sales of sponsored advertising of Gazprom media sales-house Yekaterina Veselkova. – “Synergy in the same campaign of several media carriers and the extensive use of interactive elements provides a high user involvement. The mechanics of the "second screen" provides a parallel user contact with each of the carriers. As a result, when simultaneously watching the show on the air of TNT the viewer uses his mobile device and branded mobile TV channel portal, the brand re-communicates with the consumer. "

"The demand for interactive advertising in 2016 proved to be a new force: first, we have successfully launched the mechanics of the "second screen" on the basis of mobile application, and now an incredible project" Dancing. Battle of the seasons "" on TNT, - says Director of Business Development in Gazprom-media Digital Sergey Korenkov. - Having two years ago bet on the development of interactive tools in advertising, we have repeatedly been convinced that the trend was tracked correctly and that it would still long enough be relevant. "

Nescafe advertising campaign is not over yet, but it is now clear that the results are comparable with the results of the largest advertising campaigns in which multinationals use mobile app Shazam», - says Alexey Lopatik, the commercial director of the official representative of Shazam product on the territory of Russia of the Brainient Rus company.